Plato’s Cave

sparks from campfire

Muted grotto walls

Stalactites refract firelight

Shadows dance with hope


Prompt courtesy of RonovanWrites’ Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge two word prompt (crystal, hope), with my loose interpretation of ‘crystal’.


13 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave

    1. Thanks Marissa! Imagery played a big part in this. I had what I thought was the final version when I went searching for an image and then I was inspired by reading about ‘plato’s cave’ which changed the focus just by changing what was ‘white light’ to firelight. I’d like to read ‘Republic’ in which Plato describes his allegory of the cave, but I’m guessing it would be a more difficult read than the wikepedia entry haha.

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      1. Oh yes, when I saw your blog I was trying to come up with the relation between Plato and cave and completely forgot about the literature which is probably something I shouldn’t even be admitting. Takes it to a whole other level, as I’m sure Plato did.

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      2. I always thought The Matrix had a lot of philosophical depth- the reason I will never watch numbers 2 and 3 (are there more?). A movie I need to watch again with the different perspective on life I now have compared to when it was first released.


    1. Thanks Sandy – your comment made my day! Looking forward to reading a Haiku from you soon! Another form which allows a little more is the Tanka. Both were foreign to me till coming across posts or prompts on wordpress.


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