Photo of three people riding horses through the bush in an Australian cattle station. Used as a prompt for microfiction.
Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash

In the unseen timelines of the mortal trio, that day was marked as the occasion of the light dimming in each of their hearts forevermore, disconnected as they were from the source.

They’d slunk out of the forest triumphant, leaving behind an unrecongnisable world: sacrifices made in the name of gods they didn’t believe in, although flashbacks were tinged with fear of the wrath of those same dieties.

Meanwhile, the sun continued to rise and set, bearing witness to daylight thievery and acts of grace with the same silent intensity.


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tales Week 95.


31 thoughts on “Impartiality

  1. Beautiful, devasting, and beguiling. You’ve packed a lot into three lines while leaving much to ponder on. The sun keeps rising, and the evil in men’s hearts keep burning for causes they don’t believe in. There’s almost something of Cormac McCarthy about this. Would love to see this developed further.

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    1. Thanks Dave. Your words are so encouraging. I’ve not read McCarthy but I think I know what you mean from what I’ve heard of his work- the bleakness right? This was procrastination writing. I’ll see if I have it in me to expand on it, maybe tell the tale of the three riders. I’m thinking the one at the bsck is a woman.

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      1. Yes, and references to religion and themes of good vs. evil. Isn’t ironic how productive ‘procrastination writing’ can be. 😂. Yes, I think you’re right about the back rider. So many questions to be asked about this picture.


    1. Thanks do much Leslie. Like I said to Dave, it was a procrastination activity which as is the nature of procrastination activities, I got lost in the pleasure of inmersion haha. Perhaps some more stories to flesh it out…

      P.s. I look forward to digging into your latest post. I know it’s there but it needs me to put the time aside that it deserves xx

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      1. Take your time – I know you’ll get around to it….you’d better! If it had not been for you and few other people wondering aloud in public if I was going to write about that book, I may not have followed-thru😂!

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  2. This is great, Mek. There is so much there in so few words, a feeling of sadness tinged with rebellion. I like the line about the gods, also, that bit of fear and intimidation. Then the cycle continues, but there still seems that something simmers under the surface. Really nice writing, Mek!

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      1. I shall indeed. You are so talented, Mek. If you have time, check out the Carrot Ranch on WordPress. They offer great flash fiction prompts and guidelines and offer small prizes. It would be perfect for you. Many of my writer friends are doing this. I think you can put it in Google, if not, I’ll send you a link. Let me know. Have a super, fun weekend! xo

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      2. Thanks so much Lana, you are very kind 🙂

        I’ll check out Carrot Ranch, ta! Have you been writing to those prompts too? I have a half baked story in my head for sonya’s 3 line tales but haven’t put it in writing yet. The weekend has been fun, thanks! Hope yours is full of fun, rest, creativity and laughs xx

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      3. It is great to have a half-baked story in one’s head, I wish I did, ha ha! I don’t write for the Carrot Ranch because I don’t think my writing would measure up to be able to do that. The writing on there is really fantastic, and I think you would do very well with those prompts. My weekend has been good, I wish I had another day, ha ha! 😀

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      4. No no no no no. I don’t want to hear any of that self critisism! Your writing is great Lana! Keep doing what you do! I started writing that half baked story in my phone this morning in the train. I gotta say, it seemed a lot better in my head haha. Thanks for your vote of confidence in me xx

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      5. Well, I haven’t quit yet, ha ha. I believe my strength is writing for kids and my southern characters. I do become discouraged a lot, but maybe that is part of it. Sometimes those half-baked stories turn out, sometimes you have to write what you can then revisit them on down the train track. You are quite welcome for the compliment, I studied English literature many, many years, so I do know a great writer when I read one! 😀 Have a super week, Mek!

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      6. I think that feeling of being discouraged is common. I feel it a lot, but we have this amazing writing community here that is inspiring and encouraging. You are great- don’t tell yourself otherwise! Ha, that half baked story is now fresh out of the oven. Thanks so much for the kind words- it really made my day. You have a super week too xx

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      7. You’re welcome! And don’t downplay the skill and mastery of the craft required to write for children…I have 3.5years of gaining respect and admiration for when it’s done well xx


  3. This brought to mind thoughts of birth and a life here on earth – ‘disconnected as they were from source’ – and all the trials and tribulations faced while away from the ‘light’ – I think I’ve been doing too much reading about ‘past lives’ and the like. 🙂 Great writing, Mek.

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      1. You’re welcome Mek. I did one of those silly ‘past life’ online quizzes and depending on the answers I gave to the set of questions, I was a cat in one life, and a pirate in another lol Seriously I find all that stuff fascinating but really not sure which way to jump …

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